Become A Member

We are always looking for new members!  Apply online here.

There is a $50 initial membership fee (+ $25 refundable key deposit), renewed every 6 months at $35. Find payment information here.

Membership at the East Bay Healing Collective allows you:

  • Use of the individual session room or the group/workshop room
  • Access to the shared Google calendar to book recurring events or reserve the space as needed
  • A photo & bio on our website with links to your website & contact info
  • Access to posting business cards, postcards & flyers at the Collective
  • Admin use of our Facebook Page to post info about your business and promote your events
  • Use of our MeetUp site to promote your events

We have 2 rooms available:

  • Individual Session Room: $22/h ( 10×10.5 space ideal for coaching, counseling, massage sessions, etc.)
  • Group/Workshop Room: $30/h (15×22 space ideal for groups & workshops)

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