Elizabeth Cruz • Agent of Change

elizabethcruzIn my mid-twenties I moved to San Francisco from Cleveland to reinvent my life. Seven years later, I had all of the right things a successful young person was supposed to have: a blossoming career, a nice steady boyfriend, and a “happy” life. Except I wasn’t happy, I felt stuck and claustrophobic. I knew there was more out there than what I had, but I didn’t know what it was.

I wanted something big, more important, and deep. Coaching. I studied and coached with Landmark Education for four years. I have also done The Coaching Program with Bryan Franklin, the OneTaste Slow Sex Coaching Program, the Co-Active Coach Training Program with the Coaches Training Institute, and The Church of Evolving Consciousness with Deb (Bear) Deans.

My life is always evolving as I continue the adventure down my own path of self-discovery, transformation, and spirituality. Change has been a powerful force in my life, which is why my coaching empowers people to look at who they are, and change what isn’t working.

Change is my teacher and my healer. Because of change, I have become mighty.


Phone (415) 448-7218
Email hello@atinychange.com
Website http://atinychange.com

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