Reed Kolber, CMT, RYT

Reed KolberHoneycomb Healing is a bodywork sanctuary for people of all backgrounds and bodies who are ready for a collaborative and co-creative healing journey. The modalities of Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Sports Massage are woven together with spiritual support and empathic guidance through the energies of change and transformation that emerge from the work. I weave and blend those skills with the intuitive wisdom continually emerging in me as a person who’s come back from a near-death experience and found life again in the hands of great healers who educated my body and spirit wordlessly through their touch.

For me, bodywork has been an incredibly empowering modality in my own life that has allowed me to dive deeply into the layers of who I am and what’s important to me- and to gain the strength and will to integrate that into my body, my consciousness, and now my work in the world. This holistic approach to healing is an important container for sensitivities and traumas which inspires me to practice nonjudgmental presence for my own life and to share it with you as well. My offerings are for every body, every soul, every grief, every pain, every hope, every possibility of healing, and every invitation to witnessing. As a guide and a counselor, I offer you my hands and my heart and invite you to enter with me into the sacred temple of your own body’s healing wisdom.


Reed Kolber

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